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Mayor, Dog Lover, Tireless Public Servant

Margot has lived in the Town of Brookhaven since 1974 when her family relocated from Massachusetts so her father could become the Dean of the newly built Dental School at the State University of Stony Brook. Margot‘s mother, Jeanne Garant, was a successful independent real estate broker and former mayor of the Village of Port Jefferson recognized for her role in building Jeanne Garant Harborfront Park.

One of six children, Margot grew up in a household with two sets of twins. She and her siblings all graduated from Port Jefferson High School and have become successful working professionals with extended families.

Margot cares about her family, her home and community. It’s a cornerstone value for anyone who is passionate about service to others.

Service is at the heart of the Garant family.

Jeanne Garant, Former Mayor of Port Jefferson

Phil Garant, Retired Public Educator

 Lyse Garant, Attorney
Guy Garant, Attorney, USMC
Jacques Garant, Architect
Pierre Garant, Colonel USMC  
Andre Garant, Public Educator 

Margot is proud of her accomplishments.
Want to read her full resume? Download it here.

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